How To Get Rid of Raccoon Eyes

how to get rid of raccoon eyesWhile it’s true that raccoons are cute little creatures that frolick in our backyards, we certainly don’t want our eyes to look like them!

Let’s take a look at some of the causes of raccoon eyes:

Genetics: Call up mom or dad, because they may be the ones to blame here. In fact, it’s most likely that your under eye dark circles are from heredity. Also your face’s bone structure can create contribute and magnify these dark circles. While you cannot change your bones, you can use the various treatments which we’re about to discuss to help diminish these dark circles.

Tanning: If you wear tanning goggles with a thick middle piece, this can cause a line to show up. First of all it should be noted that it’s extremely important you were eye protection. Your eye lids when closed only block 25% of UV rays, so to prevent permanent damage and possibly blindness you definitely need to wear 100% blocking protection. The solution is to use ones which contain a tiny wire strip in the center to connect each eye piece. The wire is only a few millimeters thick so it’s not thich enough to create a tan line.

Now let’s take a look at a couple different ways of how to get rid of raccoon eyes:

Concealer: When I tell people this method, they usually roll their eyes (because they’ve obviously already thought of that). But the truth is you should still consider using concealer in conjunction with your treatment. There’s no doubt this is the quickest “instant” fix to make your raccoon eyes look better.

Specialty Eye Creams: Did you try something in the past for this and it didn’t have an impact? That makes sense. Skin care has came a long ways the past few years. There are now products out there which are a lot more effective than in the past. Now I don’t want to give you the wrong impression – they don’t always magically solve the problem for everyone. That being said, they are more likely than regular store creams to do the job. If a dark circles eye cream is cheap enough, it’s probably worth a shot.